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This intervention model (from U of U Reading Clinic) uses assisted reading at instructional level. It focuses on vowel pattern mastery for one syllable words through phonics and spelling work. It also ushers novice readers into the beginnings of fluency with repeated readings in a motivating, supportive format.

Assisted Reading of New Text on Instructional Level (20-22 mins) -Most texts require many lessons to complete. After 5 or so sessions, a tutor may choose another book at the appropriate level. I.e., it is not necessary to finish a book.

  • Tutor introduces book with a short preview (build/activate background knowledge, point out difficult vocabulary, review previous day's reading when appropriate).
  • Echo and/or partner read when necessary (student shows signs of fatigue: yawning, wiggling, sudden increase in errors).
  • FOCUS ON COMPREHENSION! Tutor frequently asks student to answer who-what-when-where-why type questions, to confirm prior predictions, to retell, and/or to summarize.

Word Study (7-8 mins)

  • Tutor determines starting point (onset-vowel families, non-rhyming short vowels, or vowel patterns).
  • Tutor conducts word sort. If child is ready, do random check.
  • Once child shows some proficiency in random check, play Concentration, Bingo, Points, Mystery, or Speed.
  • Tutor chooses 6-8 words from sort and conducts Spellcheck ("Say it..., Match it..., Check it").

Word Bank (1 min)

  • Flash presentation of difficult high frequency words (e.g., through, thought, though).

Fluency Work (5 mins)

  • Student may read from an independent level text, or reread a previously read text or do repeated readings.
  • When using independent level text, tutor conducts a quick preview to build/activate student's background knowledge.
  • For rereads or repeated readings, no preview is needed.
  • For repeated readings, use text the student has read recently on his/her instructional level. Do 2, two-minute timings a session. Do four timings per each text selected.

Tutor Reads to Student (7-10 mins)

  • This book is at the student's listening comprehension level. Tutor reads with expression and discusses content-especially unfamiliar vocabulary, syntax, and concepts.

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